Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pastel Landscape

"Blue Barn at Sunrise" - 3" x 12" pastel on Canson
For Sale
fits in an 11" x 14" frame
includes shipping
This one is done from a photo. The sky was a bright grey that morning. It would be great to change the color of the sky,
but then you wouldn't believe that bright light on top of the main barn metal roof.


Mark Bridges said...

That's some vibrating color. Reminds me of Coni Grant. You have to get your mini pumpkins painting into Karin today, cause it's the deadline day. ;)

Pattie said...

I did them...it was more than fun! Thanks for the nudge, Mark!

Pattie Wall said...

Wow, Coni Grant has some great colors and she lives in a very cool state! Do you know her?