Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day Two of Twelve Days in Guatemala

This day we were up early - had an amazing breakfast and were on our way via van to Peten Tikal. The Mayan civilization of Tikal began about 300 B.C. and lasted more than 1,000 years. The ruins at Tikal require lots of hiking through the jungle. One person in our group was a little overcome by the heat and the humidity - no breeze. After resting and getting a cool rag for her head, we traveled on. My absolute destination was "Temple IV", after seeing Temples I, II and III, where I intended to climb to the top, above the rain forest canopy to look out on the world that the Mayan may have viewed so many thousands of years ago. It is the tallest of the four temples at this site. Our guide was Aquilino. He is a direct Mayan descendant and I learned so much from him. My photos are many, but here are a few of the best.
This alligator bread creation was a center piece on our buffet table at the hotel.
Here it was, Temple IV, coming up around the bend.

Yes! I made it. We had to climb a modern wooden stairway to get here, not up the stone steps as you would think. A lot easier!
The view of the canopy from above. We could hear "howler monkeys" and birds.
It was amazing!
A few of my friends also made it!

This is a coati, an animal similar to our raccoon in the USA. A clan of them were around us for a short time in the jungle and at our drink stop.

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Mark Bridges said...

Hey Pattie, always wanted to see all those old temples,some day. I put two pictures of my mom's Amazon parrots on the blog. see what their eating.