Monday, September 8, 2008

What I Am...

Got this off of Leslie's typepad post:

I AM a sagittarius, therefore Optimistic, Independent & Adventurous.
I WANT to just stay in my studio and paint all the time.
I HAVE a busy life, even though I am retired from the work-a-day world.
I KEEP wanting to do more than I should with my time.
I WISH I COULD afford to live in a lodge/cabin, in the mountains of Colorado, on some acreage or a ranch with horses.
I HATE eating coconut, although I ate a piece of homemade coconut pie prepared in Guatemala, so I could tell my husband and dad how good it was. LOL.
I FEAR the time when loved ones pass.
I HEAR sounds of nature and quiet sounds every day.
I DON'T THINK I will ever be "NOT BUSY".
I REGRET not getting a fine arts degree or my doctorate in education.
I LOVE to wrap my arms around the ones I love and forever hold on!
I AM NOT a very tidy person and don't have a very clean house.
I DANCE whenever I feel the mood!
I SING when I am by myself, or when the group sings.
I NEVER have enough time to do ALL that I want to do.
I REALLY enjoy my life and am happy I live in a place that I get to do whatever I want.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH animals who are in need of help.
I AM NOT ALWAYS relaxed.
I HATE THAT family members live so far away.
I NEED time to think and create.
I SHOULD use my time more wisely so that I can exercise more and plan better meals.

Goodness, I see a trend here. Ha!

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