Sunday, September 7, 2008

Where I Stand Sunday (also, where I stood..)

Mail delivery is inevitable, whether you're home or out of town. Bills, junk mail, magazines, letters, newspapers, ads: it all has to be dealt with when you return,
including that which has been received on your computer.
Being away from my computer was one of life's little irritations the last 13 days. I would like to bring you up to date on where I have been and will be posting each day of my trip for the next 10 days hopefully, however just know that we are expecting our newest grandchild anytime, and may have to whisk away to welcome her!

This is two Sunday's can't see my feet in this one, however, I am standing at the railing at the Hotel Esplendid overlooking Lake Peten Itza, in Flores, Guatemala watching the turtles and the fish eat some bread that was being thrown into the water. The turtles were just too cute!
We are having issues with both of our computers and I cannot retrieve last Sunday's photo, hope this is not an issue that we can't fix. It irks me that I have so many photos and the computers aren't seeming to recognize them on about one half of one card. Crash? Oh, I hope not! So, I took measures, purchased a card recovery software online and voila! My precious photos have been recovered! Whew!
Last Sunday, I am standing at the marketplace in Chichicastenango. It was a wild time. The market was sooo crowded, we were literally almost carried down the stairway by a mass of humanity, all the intersections being that way too! It was a real experience! One of the gals on the trip was robbed of her credit card and license, right out of her bag in the crowd. Me? I wore a fanny pack, only in the front the whole time, with my hands on it at all times.

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The turtles are great!