Monday, September 8, 2008

Day One of Twelve Days in Guatemala

"Explore Guatemala" is a guided tour company which caters to artists (as well as others). This trip interested me (and I went for it) as it was with an artist that I have taken a few workshops with and have learned so much about oil painting from, Kaye Franklin of Graham, Texas. Kaye would be the artist/instructor on this whirlwind tour of a third world country. Those who went would spend time painting "plein air" in the outdoors environs of Guatemala.

My trip started by flying from Kansas City to Atlanta to Guatemala City on Sunday, August 23rd. I arrived in Guatemala City at about 11:30 AM. After finally connecting with John Korte, our guide of "Explore Guatemala", I waited with him for the rest of the group who were arriving from Texas and Oklahoma (via Dallas) and Kentucky (via Miami). There were 12 artists in all. At 5:30 PM we boarded a flight to Flores, in northern Guatemala. We arrived by dark and dinner time. Our hotel was the Hotel Esplendid in Peten Itza. Great food, great rooms, great company! Lots of traffic and night action. In Guatemala, pedestrians DO NOT have the right of way. You must be careful, if you are in their way, they will not stop - we were told.

My parents made a little bon voyage sign that they hung over my doorway at their house.
Guatemala City has a new airport. They are in the final stages of completion. It was very clean and modern!

This is the view from the pool and outdoor dining room, towards the little island of Flores. We flew via TACA airlines to this place through the most incredible clouds I have ever seen! I will always remember how it was like a canyon of clouds of every size, shape and color as we flew over the mountains of Guatemala at sunset. Tomorrow we awaken early for breakfast, travel and a guided tour of the ruins at Tikal.
PS - my step son and his wife are at the hospital (2nd time in the 24 hours) for impending delivery of grandchild no. 2! Stay tuned!

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