Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day Ten of Twelve Days in Guatemala

The marketplace at Chichicastenango is like no other. We arrived on a 'market' day.

We were taken to a hotel for use of their bathroom. We had to pay and get a ticket, which I was glad of, it was fairly clean and much appreciated.
John and Anita (our guides) told us to carefully guard anything we took with us, because the crowds could swallow you and anything of value, if you weren't careful. Sure enough, one of the gals got her bag zipper opened and her driver's license and credit card stolen, right off the bat. I stayed with her as she tried to call her credit card company and with no luck tried to use the internet at an internet cafe to alert was Sunday. Oh. Anyway, she did what she could. I would be freaked out, if it had happened to me, but she was pretty calm about it, having lost her passport on another trip to Spain.
To give you an idea of the crowds, take a look at the produce market, as we saw it from the balconies.

Our final destination for the day was the Palacio de Dona Leonore in Antigua, another wonderful 5-star property owned by the daughter of the people who own Hotel Atitlan. Dona Leonore was the daughter of Alvarado the conquerer of Antigua. This place has been restored, each room was a member of the family's in the 1500's. It was quite elegant. My room was spacious, and it even had a big screen flat screen TV. Orchids of all sizes shapes and colors adorned the courtyard area.
We dined in the candlelit open courtyard near the pool covered in rose petals at a place called 'Welten' near the hotel.

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