Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mini - Whites!

"Mini Whites" 8" x 10" oil on canvasboard - NFS
In joining others, I am posting this painting on
blog site. Each week she posts
a new source photo for others to use, interpret,
experiment with and invites them to send her the
image of the finished piece which she posts on the site.
You can see this one there (hopefully) and please - look at all the others.
This is the fourth week.
I saw the first one of her dear dog Jack (who had just passed)
just before leaving for Guatemala,
and knew I would want to be a part of this when I got back into the studio.
Let me know what you think!?

P.S., I just got my laptop back today. It's always a real comedy of sorts, when I try to find things I have put away in this house. I have run a true "Lost and Found" on software, which I needed to reload onto the new hardrive. Never fear, all is not lost. I have come to the conclusion that a crashing hardrive can be a good thing as it's all cleaned up now. Ha!


Mark Bridges said...

You got it. Did you paint some of your mini orange pumpkins white ? I'm guessing Karin will have some glass in tomorrows photo.

Pattie said...

glass? why do you think that?

Leann said...

That is sooo cool, I love seeing all the different interpretations!