Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day Three of Twelve Days in Guatemala

Leaving the countryside on the return trip from Tikal yesterday, there were many "la tiendas" (little stores) or two about every 5 miles or so. A lot of photos were taken on this trip through the van windows.

And to my friends who teach in the USA, you don't know how lucky you are! These were a few of the better looking schools (escuelas) along our travels. Many have no windows glass look as though they are truly abandoned and in great disrepair. Kids in the area go to school from Feb. through Oct. Many Americans come to Guatemala and build and teach in schools.

Now on to Day Three, after another great breakfast and some sun worshipping along the poolside until it started to rain, we left Flores by noon. Returned to Guatemala City via plane. John said that we were going to stay in the little airport hotel they used, not much of a place. We arrived at dark, in the rain. We were greeted by the hotel staff with champagne glasses in hand. This place was amazing. Hotel Vista Real! Wow! I can't say enough about our accommodations. We were treated like royalty!

This photo gives you an idea of the 'flavor' of the place. And this one is of the inside of the room I stayed in.

On to the market at Comalapa tomorrow and to the Finca at Los Tarrales tomorrow evening. We haven't stopped long enough in one place to paint yet. That will be tomorrow!

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