Saturday, February 10, 2018

DAY 10 of Painting 30 Paintings in 30 Days

11" x 8 1/4"
mixed media on Art Spectrum

When life changed and we decided to move from KS back to CO, I was in the midst
of an online workshop "Merging Watercolor with Pastels" with Tonja Sell.  
They were wonderful lessons - and I loved the technique, it was a perfect
jumping off spot for me...always looking for something new to try
and different.

Again, I have to emphasize, an artist is always working -   in     their     mind,
if not at the drawing table or the easel.
I had a couple of surfaces prepared to use in my lessons and decided today
I would push some of what my mind was thinking about over time to one 
of these surfaces,
 some of the DOING I just mentioned.

Lizards - you either love them or you don't.  FOR ME - I am always drawn to 
them because they remind me of dinosaurs. The series of Jurassic Park books and movies are 
some of my very favorites.  This lizard sort of reminds me of a Raptor from JP.
It is stylized, I did not paint it PC...for that reason.  I was going for more fantasy.

But as symbols 
Lizards represent solitude,

My mix of media was colored pencils, watercolor, hot glue stencils and other
stencil materials, watercolor in pan and pencil, paint pens and pastels.

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