Friday, February 9, 2018

Day 9 of Painting 3- Paintings in 30 Days

5" x 7"
pastel on tinted and pumiced Gatorfoam Board

This one was finished after dark, I don't paint well when I no longer
have natural light.  Not an excuse, but definitely prove it
to myself, over and over.
Does that happen to you?

Today, my cats (who have always lived in a studio and have been 
living in a spare bedroom since we arrived here, til the studio was ready for them)
have finally moved into THEIR new digs.  It was hard,
one of them is extremely OK with change, the other, not 
so much so.  It took her all day
to warm up out of a hiding place.  But I 
had my little 'six toes' back with
me by end of my time in there for the day.

Bison is my subject.  If you want to see cool bison, just
travel I-70 among the Genessee area above Denver or go to Yellowstone
National Park.  There is even a herd down the highway from here
on a ranch recently acquired by the Navajo Nation.

The Bison is the symbol of gentleness and moderation, 
but it may also symbolize abundance and determination.

They are mighty and powerful mammals, and it amazes me when  people
get too close to them in Yellowstone..duh...did I say powerful??

I chose this reference photo due to it's almost complete obliteration of 
details on the animal.  I had to really try to bring it into the light a little more.


Susan Carlin said...

Very cool. I always appreciate when an artist will share a bit about the how and why behind her work. Thank you!

Pattie Wall said...

Thank you - I always think it's a good idea to promote DOING art - there are so many interesting ways that it is done, and I love reading and watching other people DO their art. I have shared lots of the 'how' this go round of 30 in 30. Another thing I also love and feel that the person is engaging is stating MORE THAN 'I like it" or 'I love it' - but the why really helps complete the circle, or even a maybe 'I don't like it' and why. However, I don't do art so people will like it - I do art because I LIKE IT. How about you?