Saturday, February 3, 2018

Day 3 - 30 Paintings in 30 Days with Leslie Saeta

"Bald Eagle"
6" x 6"
on Art Spectrum Aubergine tinted and pumiced gatorboard

Many cultures and peoples have embraced the symbol of the bald eagle as one of the most true PURE SPIRIT animals of our world.  To me, they are the most elusive animals.  I am always on the lookout for one soaring about or a nest on high.  They represent strength, power, oneness and freedom.  The closest I got to one is in a couple of  Predatory Bird programs when I taught in elementary school.

(photo by P. Dump)

If I hear of one in the wild, I want to get a closer look and just stand and watch, but that doesn't happen much.  DH used to live in Alaska by virtue of a job.  He exclaims that when he was first driving through Alaska to get to their job post, it was so exciting to see bald eagles here and there, however, after awhile there were so many sightings of eagles it became passe.

What's your experience with viewing eagles? 

I had a harder time with this art/pastel surface was dark - and the pastel build up just didn't do the WHITE justice - I needed it to be more intense as I progressed. Used spray fixative at midpoint which I totally stay away from on the final product, but needed some help. Hopefully it reads right - posted here.

Day 3 and I am ready for more - so pleasing to paint from my new digs - truth be told, I couldn't wait to begin this one, so it was started yesterday - even with taking time out to go to lunch at a new Pan Asian restaurant in town and then painting my large school library sized bookcase (one of those perks from working in a school system - you get a crack at freebie library throwaways) - for the umpteenth time!!  It's a whole 'nuther world in THIS studio - a good one - one that calls to me all parts of the day!   

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