Saturday, February 24, 2018

Day 24 of 30 Paintings in 3 Days

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9" x 5.25"
graphite/water on Yupo paper

(If you know me, you have probably been wondering, well, when is she going
to paint a WOLF?)

Wolf is my very, very favorite wild animal.
I built a grade 1-2 thematic unit on "Wolves" when I taught
at the elementary level.
I wanted to increase awareness and empathy for wild animals -
along with teaching about family/clan/pecking order and protection of 
wild animal groups.  Kids ALWAYS really enjoyed it! (Me too!)

Wolf is the ultimate positive symbol of guardianship, ritual, loyalty
and firm emotional attachments.  They trust their own intuition
and instincts.

They represent:

This piece IS a painting.  I used graphite aquarelle which are
graphite pencils that are water soluble.

I was searching for a substrate today, was going to paint in acrylic,
but needed a canvas and they are still in the moving trailer.
It is soooo windy here, I didn't even want to open the big back door
so found my Yupo, which I have never had much success with. Many people
use alcohol inks on it - not me.  It also mentioned pencil, acrylic, watercolor etc. etc. 
I thought I could paint on it with something other than inks. 
The aquarelle graphite worked - voila!
It is 100% polypropylene and my pad is heavyweight pages of 144 lb. weight.

The other art tool I used is a Molotow One4All acrylic pen in white 
(for the eye sparkle - gotta have that eye sparkle - otherwise, dead eyes!)

During my entire time in the studio there are two others who live there,
that really enjoy my company.  We have lots of brushing, petting, and play time.

Meeka - who is so big and round and fluffy and loves her new window view.
And Pyewacket who is also quite round..and is a Hemingway kitty, 6 toes.
She loves to sit on her cat tower and look over my shoulder as I work.

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