Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Blog On...

Wouldn't it be grand? Just to sit around and enjoy all this champagne together? Well, the thought is there, friends and family!
Happy 2008! Cheers to a meaningful and fulfilling life with another year to look forward to! And if you aren't looking forward to it??? You should be!
I have a thought hanging next to me at the computer. It says,
"It's Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been." George Elliot
I have lived by this for the last year, and intend to keep doing so!
And if you aren't blogging - give it some thought. It's ONE way to look back at your year, your life and a great way to record chronologically, your "day to day" and feelings, without paper, without photo albums, a very "green" activity.
And how does one celebrate New Years Eve, living in the middle of farm country? I went out on the porch at midnight, and yelled to the clear night sky, at the top of my lungs..."HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!" No one heard, no one cared...but the birds that roost in the very large Evergreen tree right at the corner of the house stirred quite raucously! Ha!

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