Sunday, January 27, 2008

Where I Stand Sunday

Today I stand in the grassy area in the middle of the circle drive.
In summer I mow this area often, because the grass grows very quickly.

This one spot is usually home to hundreds Blister Beetles, which are harmful to horses. Last year I saw a toad in the area, probably eating them, and you know how it is for toads on my property, if you have been reading my blog. I was on the riding mower at the time.

The snow is melting and there is what seems to be "terminal" mud, but soon enough, it will all dry up and the grass will green and the bugs will return. I actually saw a mini grasshopper yesterday, it jumped out of a grassy open spot onto the snow. I was shocked! Before I could get my camera to take a photo, it was gone. I imagine it has been living under the ground? Have to research that one.

I am enjoying the opportunity to stand outside for long periods of time, breathe in the air, let the sun warm my back and look around. Dogs like it too, they lie in the sun near the house. It has been months of hard, cold, icy winter. I think we are ready for spring to happen. My neighbors pregnant cows made it through the icy cold and one had it's calf last night. It is OK, as my neighbor was down drying it off at 11:30 PM. Still one to go who can't even lay down it is so preggers. So, cross your fingers that it doesn't go in the 'deep freeze' temperature wise.

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