Monday, January 21, 2008

It Really is HOARFROST!!

Wow, 6 posts since Friday. That's cause I have more going on right now. But truthfully, it must be to ward off "cabin fever" with the intense cold! Ha!

A type of hoarfrost is on my window pane in the kitchen most mornings lately. It is the "Jack Frost" that you think of. Hoarfrost comes in other forms. I recently experienced some "radiation frost" on the fencing around the dog enclosure. It was really neat, but being in a rush to leave, didn't have time to take photos. Thanks to my sister-in-law's research I have an explanation here. See Teresa, you are sort of a "guest blogger" in a way.

"Hoarfrost consists of crystalline structures that grow from water vapor evaporated from liquid droplets suspended in air. Once hoar-frost crystals form, they can remain as long as conditions for their existence are favorable. Looking at hoarfrost crystals closely, they occur in an intricate variety of forms--needles, cups, plates, fern-like and feather-like--depending upon the temperature at which they developed."

Other than looking at hoarfrost today, I need to engage myself in some domestic affairs in the house. Although my house is tiny, it can become a "housekeeper's nightmare" if I don't keep things picked up. Right now, it looks as though a couple of hermits live here. Good thing is, no one sees it but us. Some days I see it and some days I don't. That's what's also nice about being where we are, I don't have to keep up appearances and can really paint when the mood strikes me.

In the meantime, I have unleashed a monster, hubster is really diving into his "Photoshop" past time. I love it when he has some new techno trick to show me! He's definitely learning! A new blogger may be in the wings! Stay tuned!

Note, one more interesting thing, the other day I put "hoarfrost" in my title and that day I had 43 visits, usually I have about 9 or 10. Don't get me wrong, I love visitors! So what's up people? Let's see how today goes.

Oh, and one more thing, BTW have you seen the movie "March of the Penguins"? If you haven't, like me (I know that one was out a long time ago) but let me have a little "Maltin moment" here...the photography and documentation are awesome! I was truly captivated and in wonder at the life of the Emperor Penguin, which I already knew about from teaching 1st and 2nd graders about in a "Penguins" unit, but WOW, it was very enriching to see that they had captured it so well with a movie camera.

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