Friday, January 11, 2008

Looking Back at Yourself

This self portrait is done in the only ink I could get to come out of the bottle, it is "peat brown" by Winsor Newton. I don't do much pen and ink, several bottles have dried up, but I have had this photo of myself hanging around the studio for some time and today was the day I was inspired to give it a try. It is a black and white photo my brother, a photographer, took. I have always liked it and always thought I would DO my self portrait from it. And today, that is what happened, even though the ink had "greeblies" in it.

I would like to try more self portraits. As I grow older, I really appreciate how I used to look, LOL!!! I am certainly older and wiser...and better! If you have done a self portrait, you know what I'm talking about!

The most frustrating part of the day was that I went to town, first to get a printer color ink cartridge, unable to find one at the only two places that would have them...Duckwall's and Computer Solutions. And black ink (as in "artist" ink) at Duckwall's. The good thing is, there is a new ALCO store (yippee) opening at the end of February. We will all think we have died and gone to heaven!! And they better carry color ink cartridges for MY printer and "artist" ink for my art!!! I don't want too much.

Oh ya, don't forget to feed the fish.

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