Monday, January 7, 2008

Drying Out Process

The plains are in a drying out process, only to be inundated with more wet weather/snow tomorrow and Thursday and looks like every two days or so. When you look at the weather in the Northwest, it's no wonder. Bring it on. It's really "gushy" out there, getting muddy in fact. I know winter hasn't sung it's last song.
Matting, framing, cutting glass, etc. is DONE! I haven't lost my touch with that task yet. I've done myself proud. Guess I don't dislike it so bad anyhoo. Oh ya, and if I had lots of problems and it turned out sh---y, well, you would be hearin' it, ya.
I was surprised I still have the touch with cutting glass. I cut a 1/2 inch sliver off of a 16" piece. Guess that encourages me to do some stained glass. I have kept all my supplies from that activity from years ago. I have lots of glass. I remember "designing" for one stained glass artist. She did a very large piece with "sea otters" in it. It was quite intricate. The pieces I did were all for commissions. Time to do my own. Just no big windows to display it in. Oh well, it's fun anyway. Destroys fingers, though. With snow coming, lots of time for that one. Propane bottle is full and studio is warm!
Art ON!!!

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