Thursday, January 10, 2008


As we started to wake this morning the digital clock and air cleaner (yes, I have an air cleaner, cause I have an old stinky house) kept flickering, I knew it was supposed to snow overnight and sure enough we had about 3 inches and lots of wind and at 7:18 the power went out. It was still dark. I ran to the computer power strips because the power would come on and then off and then on and then off. It plays hell with electronics. So power strips off, next was lighting as many candles as I could and spread them out into different rooms, cause it was still dark. Then my asthma kicked in, too much candle smoke I guess. Fed the starving dogs, LOL.

Snuggled up with dogs in laps in the living room for a little bit and decided, as the house got colder, to just go back to bed and wait for awhile. And as I always do, start wondering - where would modern humans be without provided electricity/power. After about an hour, luckily, we are with power. Hubster was just about to go out to the garage and get the generator up and runnin.

We have, as I am sure many people do, lots of things to reset once the power returns. Had breakfast and are on with the day. Lots of power driven appliances in our day - taken for granted. Weather is supposed to pass through and be gone by tomorrow. Heard on the weather scanner that it was 76 degrees in Grand Island, Ne. (about 100 miles away) on this date in 1990. Balmy!

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