Sunday, January 6, 2008

Where I Stand Sunday

Today, I stand in my studio...TCB (Taking Care of Business). Creative time later, I have to get some matting and framing done for the pieces I am taking to the "jury" event next Sunday. This is the part of art I don't like that much. It's too careful and precise and expensive. When cutting mat boards, have to be careful not to goof up, cause I only have a limited supply on hand and with glass, the same. This didn't used to be such a biggie - back in the day, I guess it is because I was getting ready for a show, or I had SOLD a commission AND....frame stuff wasn't so pricey and being in the metropolis, it was easy to stockpile. But now it is a pain. Wa wa wah. I told myself I wasn't going to complain as much this year. Hmmm. Onward.

"Where I Stand Sunday" is posted weekly. It helps chronicle the "journey". Too often we take for granted where we stand and what we are involved in. Used as a "vehicle" for journaling and a glance at "human geography", I; along with several others; note this day, in this way. I invite you to check "them" out, to compare and contrast the human events of Sunday in different parts of the country and maybe the globe! Would be great to get an international POV (point of view). If you would like to join in, please leave a comment below with your blog address and we will note it in our sidebar! Thanks for looking!

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