Sunday, January 20, 2008

Where I Stand Sunday

Today, as probably in many households, I stand INSIDE the warm house, in the early morning, still in my PJs. The dogs have been fed and they often return to slumber land which is where I want to be, but I am already awake and ready for the day. I am standing over the couch where Bailey, the Weimaraner, is snoozing.
Football is on, says hubster...oh boy.... That means I will be in the studio for the afternoon. I am working in oil right now and I really have a thing for paint and paint viscosity. I like when there is a buttery consistency to it. I love to play in paint. Ask anyone, when I paint (that is painting anything) I get covered in it. I came to Kansas with several good pair of jeans, only have one or two pair left in a year that aren't painted on.

"Where I Stand Sunday" is posted weekly. It helps chronicle the "journey". Too often we take for granted where we stand and what we are involved in. Used as a "vehicle" for journaling and a glance at "human geography", I; along with several others; note this day, in this way. I invite you to check "them" out, their blog addresses are in the sidebar to the right, to compare and contrast the human events of Sunday in different parts of the country and maybe the globe! If you would like to join in (and I encourage you as it is a great writing "prompt"), please leave a comment below with your blog address and we will note it in our sidebar! Thanks for looking!

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