Friday, January 18, 2008

Small Road Trip and Prickly Hoar Frost

If you have missed my blog, it's because I haven't been blogging. Ha! We took a quick trip to see family in KC. Stayed at mom and dad's and saw brother and his wife. It's really nice living closer to family than before! Dogs had to go to a kennel and are trying to get their re-entry wits about them. They lose their voices and need to catch up on their sleep, as you can see, so you can imagine what goes on while they are there.

While there it snowed. We try to plan around the weather, and had a dry trip back home.
Here is hubster (posterized) cleaning off the truck.

And here is mom, dad and me - I like to posterize photos, it makes them "zing"!

Upon arriving back to home, the "hoar frost" was gone. I am waiting for it again, so I can take a photo of it. Don't know what hoar frost is, look it up on Wikipedia! It's a very cool thing.

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