Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Painting for Today

"Poppies" 8" x 10" oil on canvas board, SOLD
Usually I don't paint 'flowers'. This photo (of course there aren't these growing right now) was in my source file. Don't know if I took it or if it was one that either mom or Teresa took. It's been awhile. I loved how it played out with the darks and the highlights/lighting. Couldn't get the shine out of the right side of the photo, as the paint was still wet and the northlight was shining very bright off the snow.

I am growing to like oil painting more and more, and that's a good thing, especially where I live, the moist air plays heck on my pastel and sand papers, they warp and twist.


Fibra Artysta said...

What a beautiful painting Pattie! I love poppies, they have such rich color.

By the way, I love the "follow the penguins" animation on your sidebar - I added it to my blog as well! Too cute! :)


Nikki said...

A little summer in the middle of January is always a treasure.

Pattie said...

Thanks Nikki and Lynn for your comments. The more I look at this one, the more I really like it. The more I think of it, it would be awesome in a larger format.