Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another Helping of That

First, take a look at my additional sketching blog.
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Second, we had more t-storms, tornado warnings and high wind last evening. This morning we woke up to see the water OVER the bridge. To the left of the guardrail, there is about a 10 foot drop off, where the cattle used to be...they have been moved. The horse got cornered on a little island of land, in the corner of this fenced pasture/corral. He seemed to be OK, although remembering the violence of the wind and rain, I feel he needs a shelter for the next round.
All we could do last night was listen to the scanner, stand at the back door and listen, cause at night, you can't see anything until the lightning strikes...and that is only a quick flash to scan the sky. It was a little dizzying when the yard light would go out from the lightning and it was pitch dark, very eerie. This morning we took a trip to the corn field to see if any seeds were floating out of their little beds, and didn't see any. Hubster made the ground pretty level in his prep. Luckily - all the systems we have in place to survive these things are just makes for little sleep.
No trip today. I am staying here until we get less severe weather. It's a lot to go through on your own.


elaine said...

So sorry to hear about your corn crop. You would think they would have come up with a seed you could plant after the monsoons.

Pattie said...

I think they are OK though...maybe a little out of their original destination, we will probably have a "crazy quilt" of a cornfield. On to keeping the deer out.