Friday, May 23, 2008


As some of you know, yesterday afternoon's news from Colorado was there was a devastating tornado in the Windsor/Greeley area. Usually what happens in that part of Colorado - does NOT stay in that part of Colorado, it moves eastward. It did. Strong thunderstorms developed west of us, encroaching into Kansas and Nebraska. We were on alert, as large "rotating" systems were on the rise. Hey, we live in the middle of Kansas! Actually another storm system was creeping up from the south. It was slipping ever so slightly towards us, with reports of large hail, strong winds and tornadic activity. Please know that it is almost the anniversary of the storm that nearly took us away last year. So, we were a little schizo. The storm made it's way into Nebraska, with a prediction that it would leave heavy rains here, starting at midnight. Midnight it was! Makes for difficult time sleeping.
By this morning, it was still raining. And the light show, was unbelievable!
Yesterday, we planted a large pole into the bottom of the dry pond and painted stripes on it at 1 foot, 2 feet and 3 feet, then there was the top of the pole. By 10 AM this morning, the pole was couldn't see it at all. Here are some photos of the flooding that has happened.
First - the crop fields to the west of us have been realigning their "run off" pattern.
This area is usually dry. Next, you can now watch a good sized creek running along the tree line toward the pond.

The trouble for us now, is that there is no culvert to allow the water to flow from the pond to across Ticky Road and on through the woods to the creek.
This is the pond, the next photo is the overflow across the road.

The creek has overflowed, also. If you look here, at the last photo in that post, you can see what it looked like before the flooding happened.

The water is up to the bottom of the bridge.

and this is how saturated the ground is.

My garden is floating. We can't get up to the corn to see it, cause the road is full of rushing water at the pond. And...there is more predicted for later today and tonight. I was going to KC today, but postponed my travel for at least today.
So, the sign says this -

and we need to add - "no fishing". I think all you would find are toads or snakes anyway!


Susan Carlin said...

Wow, Pattie! I'm glad you're safe. Water's pretty scary stuff for me. I wonder how your land is going to absorb all of that? Do you think you'll dig trenches to direct it elsewhere? Or pump it out, or what?

Pattie said...

Sump pump under the house, takes the ground water away, but it is filling up the laterals for the septic, so we are being careful not to add too much water, in addition, to it. Out of three years - in May, we have seen 2 of them like this. Doesn't happen that often they say. Hmmm.

Scrappy Kay said...

Oh my word! Intriguing photos, scary too. Glad you are OK!

Pattie said...

Thanks you two!