Friday, May 9, 2008

Artistry in All Things

Today was another "non-painting" day, but there was other art happening. The art of installing a new storm door, which we have had since our home repairs from the storms last year at this time, but never installed cause we had sooooo much other stuff to do. So since the rain (which is almost a daily) sorta beats against the new entry door, we thought we had better get the storm door in - it's called a 'storm door' ya know.
We also chased neighbors cows, fixed fences and went to town - had lunch at the cafe on the highway and met a waitress named Ludean - she said like after the cough drops (like Luden's). She is from Missouri. I know some of you that read this will relate to that name! No offense intended -BTW.

Here is the new door, with Bailey, the weimaraner, looking out. I can see we are needing to get one of those nifty grates to protect the screen if the glass is open. There are always rabbits in the yard, which he finds terrifically fun!

Also, you see in this part of the country, usually one door on the house is not used, and this is that door. We may put in a deck at one point in the near millennium. Of course that would be very 'Colorado like'.

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