Thursday, May 15, 2008

No Chimney for Old Men

or Women!! (read the title again). Today was spent preparing to demo the chimney box in the wall of the kitchen so we can begin to remodel the kitchen. When we had the roof redone, we had the workers take the 100+ year old brick chimney down to the roofline. We should have had them demo the stuff in the attic, but noooooo....we were kicking ourselves - all the way up to today.
Here is the chimney box in the kitchen.

I know - tacky paint job..done by previous owner. BTW we painted the living room yesterday. It looks so good.

Then hubster - grand engineer that he is - created a ramp so we could move the bricks from the attic to the ground outside the bathroom window.

Then I stood on a ladder outside the bathroom window, which doesn't open all the way, because it hits the rain gutter...

and then catching the bricks and making sure they don't pummel through the window panes on the half-opened window...

and finally tossing them (hught..phew) over my shoulder to a pile away from the side of the house, so as not to goudge the paint on the outside of the house that we just finished in the fall.

Hubster had an equally - if not more tasking job, up there in the dark attic...but the brick chimney is down to below the ceiling joists, so now we can continue to demo the wall from inside. A large cabinet will go up against that wall in the first photo, so it had to be done.
No art, but Palette Club meeting tonight, near Cawker City. Will be able to see my artist friends. Yeah!


Leann said...

Why do they make those bricks so damn heavy anyway?

Susan Carlin said...

You two have such ingenuity to figure out this way to get bricks from attic to outside! Love that you documented the process, too.
Bet you had some sore muscles after the great over-the-shoulder-brick-toss!

Pattie said...

It just scares me - it's the only right shoulder I have and it has trouble working as it is...Tsk tsk - the trial and tribulations of aging.