Sunday, May 11, 2008

Preliminary Sketch and Rough-In

Sounds like I am building something. However, as I continue with the series of art from 1950-60 black and white photos, I needed to plan my next painting out. I was taking a somewhat square photo and pushing it into a rectangular canvas, so I needed to do little rearrangement. This is just a rough sketch that is guiding me with the location of the figures and their relative size. I will tell about the figures in this painting when I am done. I am attempting to use olive green and burnt umber as a value study as Karin Jurick did - see her blog. I could add color to this one, but it is fairly dark anyway, so I chose to use a more or less monochromatic palette.
Check back to see how this one turns out.

At the primitive stage, but on it's way!


Susan Carlin said...

Oooh, this one's already got my attention. Very early-60s cocktail party, right? Who are these folks? Go, Pattie, Go!

Susan Carlin said...

Back again, a day later... thank your for your great response to my "story." Love. That's it!