Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where I Stand Sunday

Here I stand over one of my tomato plants that I just uncovered.
A seed gives a hope and a promise,
A plant asks for guidance and care,
A gardener vigilantly offers all.

Extreme wind last night and VERY cold. We put Wallo Waters around our tomato plants a few days ago, as we know what happens here to those early plants you put out. You take your chance of hail or cold. Both have occurred. We put towels over them and clothes pinned them to the cages, but I noticed that this plant was a little frosty on the leaves at the top. There was no frost, but the cold froze the wet towel. It was so windy, we thought that plastic bags would have been ripped to shreds and gone before morning. Our little house was "crying" in the wind last night, hubster said. That sounds sad, doesn't it?
But today brings a new day and no wind or rain!

and to my mom...and if you ARE a mom (of a child or another human - man or woman - or an animal).....
Happy Mother's Day!!

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