Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How Long You Been Farmin'?

That's what we ask each other from time to time. Today we planted our sweet corn in about a quarter of an acre. 10 rows of peaches and cream and 13 rows of kandy corn - that's what they are called...yummmm. We will put up an electric fence to keep the critters at bay. The sooner we get it up the sooner they will learn it is there and start avoiding the area, and then maybe we will have corn to eat in August/September/October. What we don't eat or give away or sell (if it works out), we will freeze.
We borrowed a 'walking' seed planter. It worked OK, but was kind of frustrating in that it didn't have a good row measurer. But the rows are fairly straight and we are (probably for the first time) praying for rain. It is supposed to rain off and on the next few days.

Here is hubster using the seed planter. He had to straddle the row as he moved the planter along. We engineered a row measure, but it kept hanging up in the dirt.

This is me - showing you the BBBIIIGGG area that we planted today. I also planted some more items in my littler garden...carrots, scallions, green beans and some yellow squash. That garden will be full of veggies - very soon! My herbs are growing and we have about 5 tomatoes on the vine already.


Mark Bridges said...

OMG...Your back is going to kill ya if you have to weed that. Good news on the tomatoes though. :)

Pattie said...

Good news! WE made the rows 30" apart, so the rototiller can just zip down between the rows - and weeds? That's our middle name around here this year.