Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Day Without Art

Well, it happens to everyone. Had to take a day off - without being able to paint or draw - to take care of the lawn in town (and I must say - it looks so much better all groomed and cleaned up) and then upon returning to the farmstead, with the mowers - still smokin' - had to do some mowing here. I swear - you can watch the grass grow. It's cooler tonight than it has been.
Got a recipe for "cashew chicken" out of one of my daughter's Everyday Food magazines, made it for supper tonight and was it ever good! So we had our Chinese fix, right here in the middle of nowhere! Hubster found one of my favorite things on his trip to Denver, banana popsicles! Love those things!
So, maybe I will get back to my pastel tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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