Monday, May 26, 2008

Breeze into KC/Memorial Day travel

Visiting my family in KC. Had dinner at my brother and his wife's last night. It's raining here, too. Boy what a wet May time! I am happy to report - the world of Kansas is very green!

Mom and Dad watching a pool game.

This is bro - we had him laughing taking simultaneous photos of him shooting pool.
I filled up at the gas pump leaving town, didn't look at the price, didn't get a receipt on purpose, because I was coming - no matter what!


Leann said...

Yeah, pumping gas blindfolded, great idea! We've had gas as high as $4.19, I'm gonna wear a blindfold at the pumps! I've just gotta remember to take it off when I start driving!

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I last visited; sorry for the delay. A couple of thoughts.....

With the crazy weather, I hope your water-logged self is starting to dry out! Tornadoes can be quite scary.

You're right, Denny Dent was quite inspirational. I think that's what helped to fuel him. (Amazing eyes in that portrait.)

I really like your "Where I Stand" series; I may have to join your group.

Best wishes to family on holidays!

Pattie said...

So Tracy! Join us every Sunday! We would love to have you!
Leann - how do you justify traveling by car? At those prices, one could just about starve!