Friday, November 30, 2012

31 Days of Thankfulness

Last day, I saved the best for last - today I am thankful for those of you who visit this blog.  My posts are not as often as I would like...except for this month, which have been EVERY single day...but I THANK YOU dear reader for stopping by to check out 'dusting off the butterfly'.  As stated in my 'banner' above, I write about LIVING AS AN ARTIST IN KANSAS.
So you get art, but you get 'life here - FOR ME', as well.

Those of you who have signed up as 'followers' in the sidebar - I thank you even more.  

I find I am thankful for much more than I have stated here...but it has been a real enlightening experience thinking about things I am thankful for which come to mind early each day and writing something
in a declarative way.

I am also thankful for artists and art buyers that I meet out in the world - as I travel, go to classes, teach, meet and hang with and those who are in organizations I belong to.  Some of them check in here - and I appreciate it. We are kindred spirits in a journey that is often a lonely one.
This blog and the internet keep us connected.

Thanks to wonderful artist - Dreama Tolle Perry 
for the challenge to write them. 
She has been writing on HER blog each day about thankfulness and gratefulness and has hundreds of others joining in, in the 'comment area'..with giveaway drawings each day, sort of like the lottery for artists and art lovers.
T  H  A  N  K  S  FRIENDS!!

(Why 31?  I started a day early, I just couldn't wait...)


Barbara Pask said...

I think it is wonderful that you did this. All of us are grateful for so many things and to take the time to choose one every day is such a good thing to do. We are so blessed, I am thankful for you too.

Pattie Wall said...

Thank you Barb. We do take so much for granted in our world - we should feel like kings and queens.
Thankful for you my friend!