Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Being Thankful for Jessica...

Day 8 in my Thankfulness Series...(I started a day early)..

It was a cold and icy day in Denver, many January's ago...I sat in my hospital bed being in awe of what had just happened, how my life was now forever changed, feeling the great sense of overwhelming love, honor and responsibility well up in my soul.
 On the day she was supposed to, my daughter Jessica had finally arrived.  

For me motherhood/parenthood was such a right of passage, so much joy - but raising a child wasn't and isn't always easy.  It takes patience, knowledge and commitment, and most of all...unconditional love and understanding.  

Jessica - was a happy kid, always had a smile on her face, loved Cabbage Patch Kids, Pound Puppies, Barbies, her cats and dog, the outdoors, dancing and singing, and more music.  

As you can understand, she was raised with a focus on the arts.  In school her forte was music - theater art was and still is, one of her passions, particularly 'musical theater'.   She can sing...just like many of her 'same mold' before her (got that from me? not so much so - but her grandmother, aunts, great granddad, several cousins).  Her talent was practiced and her success was unchallenged. 

Fast forward to today...she is grown.  Who is she?  She is a caring, loving, thoughtful, kind, and generous person. She is a 'people' person, someone who feels that her family is first and foremost, also someone who you would be thankful to have as a friend, a confidant, a role model, a member of your team.
I am so proud of her!

She is a floral designer extraordinaire - are you surprised? She and her husband were in NYC for many years but thankfully she is not too far away now, in Colorado.  And....she has a daughter of her own...Scarlett. That is for another post.  

I am so thankful for having a child, the opportunity to raise a child and being a mom to a wonderful person has fulfilled me beyond words...
I am thankful today, and everyday, 
for Jessica.
6" x 8"

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