Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grateful for U.S. Citizen's Rights

Sunday, when I viewed and heard about the length of time people in Florida stood in line to vote, I was absolutely shocked...more about the time that people actually GAVE to be a part of this election - appalled that any elected official would put such barricades in the way of well-meaning voters.
  However, it shows the strength, determination and importance that U.S. citizens put on our right to vote no matter the obstacle.  
This is HOPE - pure and simple.

I didn't vote early...I won't have to stand in any lengthy line to vote today, but I would if I had to. I have voted in the last 10 (that's every one since I could) presidential elections. And I don't intend to let that momentum go - for any reason.  It's too important - as Michael Moore said last night, the vote has been suppressed for the past 200 years - it's 'free' and one thing you get a say in, go do IT!  I live in a state that has a 'PREDETERMINED electoral college outcome' (wait is that a good enough and semantically correct description?)...but I feel my vote is paramount, all the same and I am grateful for the chance to have a say in it.

Like you, perhaps, I am oh so tired of the media craze, tired of the bickering, tired of the lies and deceit - but I hope once we get back on the track and this decision is made, this country will move on with an emphasis on a 'better future' for our kids and grandkids and so on.  I would say 'move forward' but I am not so sure of that one.  I have hope (political ideologies aside and that's what this blog ISN'T used for)....and
it's time to put all this behind us 
and try moving forward, don't you think?

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