Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today is All About MOM

Today, my mom would have been 85 years young.  
She passed away after a 3 year bout with cancer in 
July of 2011.  

I am thankful today that she was my MOM.  
I am thankful for all that I am because of the upbringing and influence she had on me. 
She was a kind and caring person - 'a momma bear, who would do anything for her cubs'.  
Some days I have to think "What would MOM do in this situation?" and carry forward with some of her wisdom in that is forever 
written on my soul. 
She taught me patience, compassion, stamina and 
'stick to-it-tiveness', 
but most of all how to be my own person.
(click on this as you would a photo - to read) 
 Life is short and time is of the essence, 
dear friends, hold
those you love close to you 
and be thankful for them. 

Love you and miss you MOM...

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