Friday, November 9, 2012

Thankful for the Camera as an Artist's Tool

Ever since the ancient Chinese and Greeks used a pinhole or a lens to compose a scene, the camera has been an irreplaceable tool for 'seeing' and 'recording'.  I would be lost without this unbelievable invention.
 I cherish my cameras as I would a fine piece of jewelry or rich artifact.  I use them EVERY day, to assist me in my art, to record, to catalogue, and to journal with images. When I take inventory, I have two Nikon SLR digital camera and one Sony, a little Flip video camera a camera on my iPad and a camera on my Samsung phone.   Amongst them all, I have a way to capture every memory I need.  

Gone are my days of diligent 'scrapbooking' because doing art has taken over that time slot.  I have a glut of images, saved to CD and on large-storage hard drives.  What will become of them all someday, when I am gone?  

I am a culprit at saying, "Someday - when I have extra time, I will do that."  

(I have literally tons of other things I always meant to use and DO something with but oh many well intended projects, so little time.  Has that happened to you?) this rate, there will be NO extra I intend to paint until they have to pry the brush from my clutched fingers while I sit in my wheelchair.

In the meantime, I am grateful for my CAMERAS.  

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