Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Floral Arrangement in Oil by Pattie Wall

6" X 6.75"
oil on black gesso treated plywood veneer
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Last post I gave thanks to having my daughter, who is a florist. She worked for a very upscale flower shop in Seaport area of NYC, before moving back to Colorado.  I have lots of photos of her beautiful arrangements.  These peonies looked so special sitting in the window in the afternoon sun, so I painted them.
The wood veneer I used to paint them on is fairly thick and the edges are painted black, so it needs no frame.  
I can't complain, life is good.  Each day I am using the wood that has been shared by another artist ~ Linda Foster of Miltonvale, Kansas.  It is cabinet maker's scrap lumber ~ we are recycling it into paintings - I love the feeling of when the surface literally slurps up the paint.  
Love this stuff, and I am on to the next one!  Stay tuned.

Today ~ I am so grateful for artists who share...friendship and camaraderie, along with supplies, materials and ideas.  

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