Saturday, November 3, 2012

TWSBI and Thankfulness

Yesterday was National Fountain Pen Day!
 I used the afternoon to do a little sketching with my TWSBI pen while the dogs were quiet on the couch.  Bailey, the Weimaraner, was as quiet as he could be..but as it gets closer to dinner time, he gets a little anxious that someone won't be feeding him, especially since DH is in his shop and I am stretched out in the recliner, leg elevated (he knows of how it is that I don't get up once I have all my footwear off).  Anyway, here he is in different stages of angst, waiting and waiting, shifting and waiting. (Sorry, photo's a little fuzzy.)

What I am thankful for today is...

the continued research and success in the treatment of 
breast cancer. The battle is being won for many more than before ~ through newer treatments and imaging machines, understanding the causes and lifestyle change education that can possibly decrease the likelihood.  I am thankful for the press and media reminders that occur throughout the year.  It's important to be aware and well-read.

I have several friends and family members
 who have survived it!!!  I am thankful they are here today!
I want the research to keep on making a difference in women's lives
with better treatment and surgeries.  
That's what I am thankful for today!

P.S. ANKLE UPDATE ~ By yesterday afternoon, I had had enough of the 'cam-boot' and now I am wearing the little black ankle brace instead.  Able to move along much better.  Able to wear a shoe again on my left foot.  It is so sore, but I think I see an almost perfect light at the end of this long tunnel!

P.S.S.  I have reloaded my ETSY shop with holiday gift giving ideas!
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