Friday, November 16, 2012

Being Thankful for a Roof Over My Head

It's not snowing, but I like this photo of my house..and it works for today's 'Thankful Post'.

Today, I am thankful for a roof over my head, warmness or coolness in that place when it's needed, and food in my cupboard.
It's NOT an elaborate home, full of matching furnishings and decor, or every modern convenience that many homes's simple, it works for us, and it's home.  I hope that everyone has a warm home this winter, especially those on the Eastern U.S. coast.  
And when I am not in that HOME, I am in this one...
actually, it does have the nice decor.  It also provides what I stated in my opening sentence.  Between the two, it's a cozy/snuggly life.
I am thankful for that today.


Leann said...

You have a very nice, snuggly home, and I will always remember feeling very at home there.

Pattie Wall said...

Thanks Leann - so glad you and Mark visited. This house is just right for us, not too much room to care for..more time for the easel!

suzanneberry said...

glad you're healing so well and pain free. great shot of your house too.