Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thankful for Scarlett

I was there when MY granddaughter, Scarlett, 
was born in NYC in August of 2007.  
We all rode the subway into the city to the hospital the morning after my daughter's water had broken (on the subway).  It was all a thrilling adventure that any grandparent would find exciting.  I was in the room when she came into the world.  It was as special as my own daughter's birth.

Scarlett takes after her parents...full of spunk.  She displays signs of intelligence beyond her age among peers and at school.  But, she's still a 5 year old.  In our world, we often forget and try to make little ones act older than they really are.   She is in that period of what I consider 'Jekyll and Hyde'...depending on the time of day and the situation, you don't know what you are getting - sometimes a little monkey bouncing off the wall or falling out of the chair at meal time - or sometimes a giving and sharing 'play friend' and a creature that helps out and is non-confrontational.  It's always 'in fun' and can be quite comical all the same (although you try to hide your giggle).  
I LOVE Scarlett!  She is such a character - 
her own person...
so full of personality, 
who loves to draw and read books with 'character voices'.  
(Her parents are both actors/artists - she was BORN that way.)
She will be able to join in on some 'acting' experiences this summer
since she is now an able 'reader'.
It's a wonderful journey watching her grow.  
(As the phrase used to be in THE day, "she's a REAL TRIP!")
Today I am grateful for Scarlett. 
"Coney Island Beach"
oil on canvas

"The Red Toybox"
pastel on Canson

"The Grasshopper Catchers"
pastel on Canson


Serena Lewis said...

What a lovely tribute to your beautiful granddaughter, Pattie! I was there at Mikayla's birth too and I am forever grateful for that very special privilege. Grandchildren certainly make our lives brighter. xx

Jess said...

We all love our bold, vivacious girl! Thanks Mom.