Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Palette Knife Adventure

My "Ever After" online coursework called for a palette knife painting as
one of our assignments for 'going out of our comfort zone'.
Well, this one did just that  Out of my comfort zone but
also a lot of fun.  I used a limited palette of acrylic
paint of red, yellow and blue with white.  

Friday, September 9, 2016

Goldilocks on the Run

"Goldilocks and the Three Bears"
inspired by Cinnamon Cooney
12" x 16"
watercolor and acrylic on Arches coldpress

During this month one of the 'Ever After' lessons is Goldilocks and 
the Three Bears in a dream setting. 
 I took the liberty to 
change up the girl.  
She was painted as crying.  I didn't see her as the crying type.  
I figure she was pretty much
a brave sort of here she is after being 
awakened in Baby Bear's bed, disheveled
and on the run through the forest to get away, besides 
I LOVE painting flying hair!