Monday, August 24, 2020

Next Three

 Our local artist's guild is doing it's best - during these times.  As you can imagine, like any small business, Covid 19 really put a damper on ART activities and events in towns and cities.  Ours is not alone.  Each month, I am happy to be able to enter a show and display my art.  (It's important to keep yourself out there.)  These are the three that I am entering in a show titled "High Peaks" this next month.  Interesting that you don't have to adhere to the theme.  That's good, because I suck at painting 'peaks' and mountains.  Animals it is - for me!

"Golden Eagle"

"Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Study"



Friday, August 21, 2020

Wildfires and Forest Fires and an RV Trip

 Right now - there are 10 fires burning in Colorado. None of them are very close to us, but the smoke - on any given day, can drift along the valleys and low spots and get to us.  It does awesome things to the skies at sunrise and sunset.  Our governor has banned ALL campfires and outdoor fires for now.  Many of these blazes are being fought with little or NO containment.  

DH and I recently took a short RV trip to Creede and Gunnison, Colorado.  I noticed that the forests that we drove through were SO dry. I realize this whole state could go up in smoke in a snap. 

Our first stop was Creede. Co (about 3 hours west from where we live).  We met up with relatives and stayed at a lovely RV resort - Mtn. Views.  Here are a few photos from there.

(Brothers Gary and my DH Gene)

I took a few photos going over the passes we traveled in the Rio Grande/Forks area of SW Colorado. The forests there are full of beetle kill pine and very, very dry.

ON the lighter side, we took some time to rent a pontoon boat and go fishing for the day on Blue Mesa reservoir in the Curecanti Recreation area.  We are not big fishing people.  Best we did was 4 Rainbow Trout and put them all back in the lake.  We had a fun day, it was hot and the wind came up near the end of our travels from one end of the lake down to the other (about 13 miles each way).  The campgrounds were crowded and the highway, which was nearby in our sight - had an unusual amount of travel due to the rerouting of the I70 corridor from the fires. Made for an 'not so familiar' noise all night.  Chaco, our dachshund, was with us,  He rode in the boat - his first boat trip.  He did great, but stayed in the shade the entire time - sleeping.  He is 17.

It was nice to make this trip.  We are usually hunkered down on our ranch - avoiding being around people for now.  We did social distancing and mask wearing.  I feel we were not amongst people at all and did extra cautionary things like wiping down surfaces especially on the boat rental and staying out of places that seemed sketchy. Having an RV is a good way to get away for a short trip.  Our 34 foot Monaco Cayman RV is 15 years old but still runs like a champ and has adequate space to make you feel like you are at home. We tow my Jeep Wrangler behind, so if we need to make a trip to town, we can.


Saturday, August 8, 2020

DIY and Pastel Practice

During the pandemic - DH and I thought it would be a great time to get going on some major outdoor projects.  I was right!  We have accomplished a couple of those projects to the point of 'finish' work.  It's ongoing. It takes time away from the studio, but it will be worth it in the winter to have these changes done.  Not easy to give up studio time for me, not only is it my time to create and get things done, artwise, but it is my sanctuary and place where I continue to ponder and pull myself together, to be who I am - that meditative space..important for everyone.

Back in the studio though is where I long to be.  Sharing a few paintings that I have entered into the latest 3rd Street Gallery show in town and a practice piece in pastel.  I have to give credit to a few photographers that graciously share their photos to be used  by artists on a group I belong to on Facebook..they are referred to as 'AR photo' (artist reference).  Lots of birds in my mind right now. LOVE birds!

"Barn Owl" watercolor, (AR Nicole Jenkins)

"Tree Swallows" pastel (AR Terry Colby)
"Golden" pastel (AR Ian White)


Happy 17th Blogiversary to ME

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