Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's and "Painting 30 in 30" EVE

Happy New Year - 
'party hardy' 
and if you are doing that one, stay safe and have a designated driver on hand.  

Tomorrow, I will begin my 30 day journey of trying to complete a painting a day for 30 days.  I chose a theme this time - a subject I haven't done much - as a real challenge for me.  My subject matter will be 'interior/exterior (oh definitely outside) spaces' - some with furnishings/others..not ~ without the presence of humans or animals.

This series is called "Inviting Spaces" 
and I am looking forward to being able to interpret it - loosely. 
It will be an exploration of 'furnishings and furniture', and landscapes ~ 
as 'still life'.

In addition, I hope to utilize a variety of mediums 
(and I say HOPE - because as the grind kicks in, I tend to 
lean on the medium I am most comfortable with  - oil paint).

Here are a few paintings and concepts I admire 
when thinking of 'inviting spaces' done by others, strictly interior of course..
"Interior of the Restaurant at Arles"
Vincent VanGogh

"Sitting Pretty"
by Anne Blair Brown 
Brushwork Bootcamp #2 
demo and brushwork

"Balcony Room at Purveskjul"
Vilhelm Hammershoi 

Several Dutch Master's painted people in amazing 
interior spaces doing daily tasks. 
Another interesting composition choice developed 
by these painters is below.
I have included a short description of the concept of 

Les Paoufles (The Slippers)
Samuel van Hoogstraten

One of the most effective manners for 17th-century Dutch painters for achieving pictorial depth within domestic settings was the so-called doorkijkje, or see-through doorway which permits the spectator to view something outside the pictured room, whether it be another room, a series of rooms, a hallway, a street, a canal, a courtyard or a garden. The doorkijkje offers the painter and opportunity to create a more complicated architectural space and contemporarily expand narrative.

My choice of subject and perhaps the manner in which I paint them will hopefully create a story or further dialogue in the viewers thoughts - that is my goal anyway.  And if nothing else, they will create a feeling of welcoming, coziness, and a NARRATIVE to put one's self IN that space/place.

What do you hear, smell, feel - what emotions or memories does it evoke?  As I move along, it will be fun to hear from you via comments - any thoughts you might have. 

These paintings will also be offered FOR SALE - 

if you are interested. 

And as this year comes to a close, I wish you and yours a great 2014.  It will be a good year to paint..and that's what I am going to do!

Just an FYI - these are the 30 paintings I did in Jan. of 2013 

for this very same challenge.

My slate of activities is clean, my supplies are stocked 
and I am stoked and ready!!

For this great event and for other reasons, I have been working on a blog at Word Press this year.  Go on over for a visit, as it is JUST ART - no blogging - you can use it like a 'gallery'.


P.S. I am committed to being fair to my readers and viewers to keep this blog SPAM free, therefore, I WILL delete ANY comments left that are outside advertisements or spam.

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Crescendo

If you DO art and you are looking for a GREAT way to start 2014 go to Leslie Saeta's 'Slices of Life' blog and read about the '30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge' and then think about joining in the fun and find your way out of the fog of 2013.

I found it a super way to hit the ground - running!  

Seems that my painting has really waned here at the end of the year..maybe yours has to, sometimes not because we don't want to paint, but because of the busy time of year for other activities.  

Stay tuned - check back on New Year's Eve.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Work Done in Mixed Media

"Tulips III"
mixed media on Arches watercolor

This painting was first drawn in brown ink, then painted with watercolor and finished with pastel.
I have been enjoying the ink drawing with watercolor but this one needed an extra punch of
strong color - I can usually get that with pastels.

It comes in an 11" x 14" matboard ready for framing.

Thanks for looking!
Be sure to check back often - 30 Paintings in 30 Days
starting SOON!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Painting with Cats

New activity at the farmstead - puts a new meaning to 'painting in the studio'.
They are small enough to sit on my neck and shoulders and do this 'butt shine' in my face often.
Here is a video to show they were mighty busy today

This is what I finished today -
"Buttercups (Rananculas)"
watercolor and brown ink
(I should state 'painted with kittens' - keeps me moving all around to keep them out of the paint,
off of the surface and happy with some attention - ha!)

in an 8" x 10" mat below

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gearing UP FOR '30 in 30'....and Welcoming Studio Guests

Stay tuned - gearing up for "30 Paintings in 30 Days" Challenge 
for 2014 - starts January 1!
This time I will be painting with a certain 'theme' in mind.
Gathering resources, materials and clearing the calendar.
Can't wait!

In the meantime, meet my 2 'studio kittens' we recently rescued 
from the dark and cold of night.
They were strays.
The black one was very small, and possibly dumped, as we cannot locate any 
'momma cats' or other little mates.
The striped one is perhaps a member of a 'feral' colony who decided to be more
social.  Both have responded well to bagged or canned food and warmth.
They say a cat needs 400 square feet if living indoors - the studio is 750 square feet 
and a 'climber's paradise' - all sorts of stuff stored in there. Ha!
Pye (Pyewacket) when she was first introduced to the indoors.
Filling out about a week and a half later.
They change so quickly, just like little kids.

Hard to catch Meenewkers...aka MEE.
and week and a half later..
also growing in front of our eyes. (Crate door always open, it's a sleeping compartment.)
It is becoming tricky opening the outside door now, they both want to go out, 
since I have taken them outside to see the world for little spurts at a time.  
They are in definite peril in this world, there are a myriad of predators - 
from coyotes to hawks to owls (our dogs)...
so for now, they will stick close to us.
Pye has NO outdoor skills, Mee - does.

Happy 17th Blogiversary to ME

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