Saturday, June 17, 2023

Alla Prima Westcliffe 2023/Plein Air Paintout

 All week, during June 3 - 8, was 'plein air painting week' in Westcliffe, sponsored by the Sangres Art Guild.  This was the 14th year - it has been 'on hold' for several years due to COVID.  

All in all, it was a very WET time to paint outdoors - lots of rain this year - although I don't mind it at all. We need it in this high desert that generally has less snow fall in the winter than is necessary to make the Springtime alive. This year, the desert IS alive.   Needless to say, dodging rain times, it was tricky to get colorful, sunny times to paint. 

My 'brush' was not working for me, so I concentrated mostly on pastels.  Here are the 3 plus 1 miniature that I entered for the show. It was a great show - lots of out-of-state painters and some really awesome paintings!

The show is currently hanging at 3rd Street Gallery in Westcliffe.  

"Beckwith Mountain Morning"
11" x 14"
pan pastel, pastel and pastel pencil 
on Ampersand sanded pastel board

"High Desert Berm"
11" x 14"
pan pastel, pastel and pastel pencil 
on Art Spectrum pastel paper

"Indian Paintbrush" (mini)
6" x 8"
pastel and pastel pencil 
on Art Spectrum paper

"Morning Enlightenment"
pan pastel, pastel and pastel penciil 
on Kitty Wallis pastel paper
15" x 16"

I got a new 'addition' to my plein air painting tools - my 'painting wagon' served me well!

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