Friday, May 22, 2020

Drawing Along, Filling the Days

This is Dennis in blue ballpoint pen on Moleskin.

This is Big Al Lopez in HB, aquarelle graphite and 6B pencil on Canson XL.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Only in Procreate

Last two the app Procreate..which is starting to become NOT such a mystery!
I think I have enough grasp of it to start experimenting on my own.



Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Add 2 More

Sharing a couple of new daily drawings,
a Saturday 'draw along' and today's Lesson 5.

Matt ~ in green ballpoint pen

Stephanie ~ graphite

Saturday, May 9, 2020


There are 400+ members in my online drawing class on Sktchy, however, I think our live session was only in the neighborhood of about 200.  What fun to start the day drawing ONLINE with others.  France, our instructor, took time to answer lots of questions.  This is Dylan, done in ballpoint pen.

Friday, May 8, 2020

More Portrait Practice

Here is Thursday's and today's pieces from 'Drawing at Home with France' - a month long class on the Sktchy app.
Mandy is done in Aquarelle graphite

Rick N. is done on the iPad in the app, Procreate.
I have had that app on my iPad for an eternity, but never quite
knew what to do with it. When I got online with You Tube lessons, the
person generally went to quickly and it was over my head.
Today, France only used 2 tools and went slow enough, I actually got a result I liked.
I have gone far enough now, that I can teach myself a little more.
Sometimes, all you need is a gentle nudge.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Studio Happenings and Learning ONLINE

Currently I am involved in two 'online learning' experiences. This type of learning suits my needs - just fine.  I can DO it when I have time, at any hour, and at any speed.  My first one, I jumped on the bandwagon a few weeks back by joining a Patreon group with Ali Cavanaugh - who does amazing watercolor portraits.  I was late in joining her - this event started back in October 2019, but I'm racing through each of her posts and instructional vids.  Racing isn't a very good word for what I am doing, because I am savoring each video, sharing, comments, and lessons.  Here is a piece I did this past week, we were exploring 'stripes'.  The second I went looking for a PERSON who had striped shadows or clothing I ran across a photo for a choice when painting, is always animals.  There is also a chance to dialogue with others through a venue set-up on Discord.  I find I can't keep up with that, too.  Seems other artists spend a lot of time chatting with one another, don't know how they have time to paint.

My second learning attack is through the app Sktchy.  France Van Stone is teaching a month of drawing faces.  It is a more structured type of class with postings of lessons every few days.
First one was a 'draw along' of a face with a definite expression, in ballpoint pen in my Moleskin tablet.  Today, the next lesson is ready for us and I peeked at it - going to be FUN.  And the pacing is OK, because I HAVE the TIME.  There is also artist sharing and dialogue happening on Mighty Network.  Lots of extra apps to download..but so worth the time spent on these two focuses for now.