Monday, August 30, 2010

Where I Stood Sunday

Hubster and I were in Yellowstone for 4 days.  Just left..but as I was unable to post last week's Where I Stand...thought I would get this one in.  Yellowstone is such a magical place.  I have so many photos and memories.  This was my third time there and I could never get tired of it.  Will post more photos - soon - or  when I get home. Taking our time - now in Cody, Wyoming area.  Off to the museum!

Monday, August 23, 2010

More from the Road

Left New Mexico, stayed in SW in Utah.
Navajo Reservoir (the Colorado side), near Arboles, Colorado.

View from our RV site.

Storm came up last night - 'twas awesome to watch it come through the reservoir canyon.

After leaving Monticello, Utah, you come up over a hill and voila - you can see a whole world full of strange and wonderful rock formations and hills.  I am taking so many camera card needs emptying before we go siteseeing Arches and Canyonlands near Moab tomorrow.
Did not blog about 'Where I Stand' - sorry - I am at the computer very sporadically.  One more day here and we move on, out of range for any wifi connection.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

From the Road

Checkin' it out at the gas pumps at Bob's...
"Co-pilot to pilot - did you see that?"

"Is this the way we wanted to go? Did I take the right turn?"
Scenes from our far...

Highway 10 between La Junta and the skies!

Free coats and clothes - wait a minute...oh darn, they're closed.

Tricky shooting from a moving motorhome. I think this is called "Buck Mountain" off of Highway 160 between Walsenburg and Fort Garland. 

This is a shot, raising the lens up over the screen in the side window and taking a "Guatemala" shot - that's what I call it shooting blind, as I did in the markets in Guatemala - in other words without using the viewer through the lens.   A little shakey, but not bad.

We looked at land on top of the mesas (we are always looking at a place to be 'hermits'), near the Rio Grande River/San Luis valley.

Note to self...antelope do not hang around for the papparazzi.  If you look real close at the dead center of the photo, you will see their little bodies, hustling across the sagebrush.

There were "open range" horses - I assumed they were wild..
We got awfully close.
Ooops...seems to be a little mix-up in the gene pool...

Wait!  Who is that behind that tail swish?  Oh - wow - the star of the show!!

Always well protected within the circle of adults...

"Hey you guys, they just might have some kind of treats for us!"
That's what makes me wonder...tame on the open range?  or wild??  Couldn't see any branding marks...and this place is called "Wild Horse Mesa" - we think - anyway we were looking for that place.  Maybe we had found it.   There isn't a lot of signage in these parts.

Shrine of the Stations of the Cross above San Luis, Colorado - gold spikes on the tops of those domes and towers.
Back to civilization...ominous looking clouds over the Sangre de Cristos near San Luis.  That's all for today...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Where I Stand Saturday...

Believe it or not...the rock came yesterday.  Woohoo!  Nothing makes me happier today!  We have been waiting and waiting - I think I told you - for YEARS. 

Anyway, here it two piles - 25 tons!  The first driveway rock we bought was gravel and it really doesn't work well for a driveway.  We will also spread some of this inside where the RV lives in the winter and during bad storms.  So instead of walking in mud, we can have fairly clean shoes to go inside it.   It takes a lot to tame the wildness of this place...we work on it constantly.  Crossing my fingers as there is supposed to be another delivery in a couple of weeks...we shall see.
(For those of you who saw this as "Rockin' and Rollin'" - I thought I would make it into a 'Where I Stand' -instead...)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Shooting Clouds

This morning - up again - early - hey, this could become a great new beginning - tsk tsk. 

We had rain (actual downpour) yesterday afternoon and thunder and lightning over night...cooled things off just a little, and brought out my favorite friends (not) - the mosquitoes - they will carry a person away.  Clouds turn so quickly some times.  Took the one above, did a 180 - took the next one..

turned back around to look at those cool popcorn clouds and saw they had changed, but had a rainbow sticking out of the bottom.   Reminds me of the blog called Clouds 365 - Community.

Speaking of popcorn, it's almost time!  Garden went to shambles this summer...too many weeds took over while I was away and when I say weeds, I mean the only thing to get them is gloves (to handle the stickers) and a lot of sweaty work which doesn't lend itself well on these hot and mosquito ridden days...oh well, there are still cool gourds, zinnias, sunflowers and I think the popcorn will make it.

Ooo, I hear more thunder.  BTW - rock was not delivered as try to buy locally and it backfires almost every time.  Supposed to arrive this morning.  That will be a true miracle if they show up.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top of the Mornin' to Ya

Are you an early riser?  I am not - but this morning I needed to up and at em...before the heat sets in.  These 100 and more degrees days, are tiring and my hair usuallly never gets dry after a shower.  But there is more that can be done before it gets so blazin' hot and my hair is DRY. 

I loved the way the sunrise shone right through the trees near the road.  Very pastoral - or pastural...whichever you want to call it. 

Rock being delivered this morning - to replenish the driveway that hasn't had rock on it for about 3 and a half years.  We have tried to get this rock for 2 years...ha!  Around here, they just don't take you too seriously when you call and order some we have found.  So, today is the big day!  Yay! 

Heading to the west again, soon...cameras are ready after I spend some time getting the cards cleaned off, batteries recharged and equipment together.  Will be gathering source photos for the winter studio time from Yellowstone, Arches, Navajo Res.,
New Mexico, and lots of lakes and mountains and hopefully lots of wildlife! 

Maybe when we get back, it will have cooled off a bit. I am crossing my fingers - this has been one hot and humid summer in Kansas.
P.S. Oregon Coast is out, as we didn't make a plan enough in advance, our favorite places were crowded with other peeps who love them.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where I Stand Sunday

Both are boy dogs (although it looks like something else..) - taking a siesta on the kitchen floor...we are all a little pooped today...just got back from an RV trip to Colorado.  Mowed the acreage for 4 hours...dogs didn't, we did  100+ weather - ugh!  Looking forward to getting back into the groove for a week or so, then off we will go again.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where I Stand Sunday

This has been such a busy summer!  We are fixin' to leave OZ for awhile.  Looking forward to cooler temps and dryer climes.  Colorado here we come.

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