Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Holiday Show in Westcliffe

Intake for this show was this week.  I helped to hang it, it looks great!  Lots of great artworks and photography.  The reception is Saturday, Dec. 1 from 4 - 6. I have been really involved in the gallery process on this one being a member of the Sangres Art Guild, they can always use the help and I love that kind of thing.
I have been  member of sorts, in several galleries before, but never lived close enough to be INVOLVED. ( Actually ONE gallery in Nebraska, NEVER solicited help hanging a show - from it's members, even though it was a co-op gallery.)
Here are my five entries:

The last one is new. "Screech Owl" is a watercolor on Arches.  It was one of those put your arm out straight and paint away.  It has many layers.  Loved the process.

Almost December.  More snow on the horizon, but we need it so much, bring it on!  Just bought an old Wagoneer with a snowplow, so we are ready!

Happy 17th Blogiversary to ME

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