Monday, June 29, 2020

Days Fly By

It's been awhile since I checked in here.  I guess 'being back' on this blog is not a habit yet.  I take so many photos, it's not hard to capture most of my time by looking at and sharing photos. In addition to my iPhone, I have several digital SLR cameras that I rely on.

On June 10, DH and I took a DAY trip up Hermit Pass road, to the end of it, or at least as far as we could go.  That was a 25 mile round trip on our 2 ATV's.  The mountain range is the Sangre de Cristo mountains outside of Westcliffe, Co. where we live.  We rode from our driveway - up the county road a couple of miles - to join the pass road there.

This photo shows the composition of the 'pass' road.  The pass stops at the TOP of the world.  It does not go over the mountain and down the other side.

  It is a rough road (see the rocks on the last photo here) BIG ones and lots of medium size ones..makes for a 'kidney' jarring trip.
But the beauty seen on that day, makes it worth the ride.

This is a marmot which we saw by looking over the edge of the road.  It was sunning on a rock. The rock formations were dotted with these guys which are about the size of a woodchuck.

These 3 ponds sit between Hermit Lake and Horseshoe Lake.  
Our final destination was Horseshoe Lake, next photo.

Yep, the leftover snow from winter was still melting in the sun.  
By now, today, most of it has disappeared.

You can see the end of the pass road on this day, it was covered in snow.  This day was a fun that won't be taken the roughness is grueling on these older bodies.
There are other 'rides' to explore.  Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Faces -

Sorry, it's been awhile since I have posted.  Here are a few more faces - done with France online at Sktchy.  I feel I have improved.  I used to not work so deeply on my portraits, but drawing along with someone as good as France, makes me feel the depth which is needed to portray the character in detail.  She helps you look at every little nuance as you draw.

Other things are happening here...I have begun a complete going through of the studio.  I figured  there is no better time than the present.  Gardening is happening, as well, the growing season is pretty short up here at 8500 feet elevation.  Today the wind and rain are happening...that will keep me inside. Hardly EVER a day when you wake up and it's already raining..that weather event is usually left for the afternoon and evening in these parts.

NOTES on the virus - I live in a small mountain community, where there are and have been 2 confirmed cases.  There is no hospital within 50 miles of here.  There is barely medical care..just a small clinic with nurses.  Therefore, we DON'T have much of a safety net and we don't go out much. If we do it's with a mask on, to protect others mainly.  We order take-out on occasion...and eat in the car.  We even had margaritas TO GO the other day with our taco lunch.  That was fun.  But that's it, other than a trip to the grocery store about every week and a half and the post office every 3 - 4 days.

I chose to give up my activity in the local gallery for this year which amounts to no longer being a gallery host, or having my art on the walls, or manning the sales desk during monthly ART receptions.  No more Monday Paint Group.  Too much hassle for personal social distancing...being amongst too many strange and 'from faraway' visitors, as well as familiar friends.  

One thing I understand and it actually pains me to consider it, I have come to look at this situation as EVERYONE is infected.  And although it should be stated 'could be' infected, for me it's 'IS' and that is just how I have chosen to look at it.  This virus does not discriminate.  This has also eliminated visitors or company or going to someone's house as a visitor, including my daughter and her family who live in the northern part of the state. Summer RV travel will be a welcome activity...if we can get a reservation, they seem to be not so available..but with RVing, you don't NEED to be around anyone else if you choose not to be.  I notice that the reopening of many things that were closed down, has seemed to bring on this sense of relaxed concern for the spreading of the virus..a false sense it would seem, since case numbers are increasing.  Anyway, I try not to dwell on this..I stay super busy and let ART save the day.  Stay safe and social distance.

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