Monday, June 27, 2016

Out and About

Just returned from our annual Spring Trek, again, out west all the way to Oregon coast from Kansas, with a few awesome stops in between (Blue Mesa in Gunnison, Co,: Yosemite Nat. Park: Susanville BLM Wild Horse Facility, California, :Idaho: etc etc..)  One month in the RV changes the 'travelers' - ya know.  It's a busy world out there full of lots of people and we often enjoy being 'people watchers', especially in campground settings - it takes all kinds and they all do it differently.  Too many stories of the road to tell here.  Our RV blew a leak in the radiator just as we were about 150 miles from Yellowstone, so we had to head home a little early.

But here are just a teensy tiny bit of the photos that were taken...

Bailey has a mobility vest on, as he needs help from time to time,
he (and we) have been fighting canine carcinoma. He has lesions
on his spine and probably in his brain.  He doesn't often walk too well, in the back end.
He can fall over easily or do the splits on slick surfaces.
We also have a back end vest for him when he needs it.
He is 12...and with help, is still maintaining a good and
happy life.  We have a 'ramp' that he uses to get in and out of the RV, 
DH has to give him a little lift at the end, thus has a bad back lately.   
His left paw is bandaged as he often
has 'hot spots' he opens and licks to the point of
bleeding and being a we covered it
almost every hour some days.
Since we are back home, he is interested in it less.
I think hot spots start bothering him 
out of pure boredom and of course, being a Weimaraner
he comes by it naturally.

Anyway, I missed my studio and the peace that it brings - but found a 
different kind of peace in other places along the way and I am reminded of a 
good one...

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. Buddha