Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The ART of Practice

On Mondays, we can paint with others at the gallery.  I was in a quandary about what to take for my first time. I don't paint away from my studio very much.  When I work I need LOTS of space, because I use lots of different materials and the gallery area is not really set up for that one.  So, not wanting to push anyone's space with lots of stuff, I chose to fill my carpenters bucket with watercolor materials and took an Arches pad.  It worked out just fine.  Had fun and lots of chatting.  Getting to know others and finding out  I really am in the right place - finally.  Kansas (where we lived anyway) had so little to offer for ART experiences like this one.  'Bloom where you are planted' has always been my motto, but I like it better when there are plenty more gardeners who are serious about what they do.  I imagined that I wouldn't get much done, but I did.  Here is a watercolor I started and am thinking about where to take it.  I used a reference photo from - a 'free to use' photo site that is just full of unique and awesome images.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Add a Gallery

I have waited almost a year to get involved in the LOCAL art scene.  Having many issues on our house and property - I (we) have taken some time to address those things where I was needed as help and backup for many a project.  That has slowed enough now,  that I decided it was time to take a step forward.  It's part of what brought me here (back to Colorado, where I have spent most of my life - to Westcliffe), the ART SCENE.  

There are numerous ART opportunities and places in a town of about 500...being a hot tourist and getaway area in the warm months.  I chose "3rd Street Gallery" as my starting point and have joined the 'Sangres Art Guild' - I am only 15 minutes away.  My art is now hanging in the 'members' gallery on the second floor and I have entered three pieces in a month long show called "Wild Things" - right up MY ALLEY.  Show starts on the 26th of August.  Opening reception is September 1st, located at 59000 Highway 69 in Westcliffe, CO.  So excited!  The gallery is closed from Jan to May - as we all need some 'hunker down time' in the winter.  Many restaurants and shops close, as well.  A good production time in the studio - anyway - while wiling away the winter cold.  

There are artist 'painting get togethers' every Monday at the gallery, so you know where I will be on Mondays.  'Gallery sitting' will be on the agenda, as well.  I have my times already scheduled.  It is a perfectly and smoothly run business - no kinks - no hassle - just nice friendly people (of course, haven't met anyone that wasn't just super nice - here) - can't wait to be INVOLVED!  I now wonder, why I waited so long...but 'life' comes first, always. And I am elated beyond belief that I am back, living in a place that SUPPORTS the arts - I have new friends.

Happy 17th Blogiversary to ME

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